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SONIC VIBE 3 brush heads | MINT

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The universal magical weapon for a radiant smile. Let your teeth enjoy my gentle and effective high-quality bristles - with triple bristles, flex head and replacement indicator bristles. IMPORTANT: Only compatible with the new happybrush sonic model V3, not with the sonic model V1 or V2.
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replacement indicator bristles

rounded bristles

symbols for differentiation

Schall-Zahnbürste VIBE 3

triple bristles

I have triple-twisted bristles that pamper your teeth with up to 40.000 vibrations per minute.

indicator bristles

As soon as my smile fades, it's time for a change. So exchange me as soon as I'm not happy anymore.

high-qualitytriple bristles

I have triple-twisted bristles that pamper your teeth with their special surface.

Replacementindicator bristles

My fading smile indicates when it's time to change the brush head.

naturalpolyester bristles

My white-transparent polyester bristles take care of your teeth gently and effectively.

Switch Indicator

Bürstenkopf VIBE 3 Wechsel-Indikator

triple bristles

Bürstenkopf SPIN Triple-Borsten

Diameter: 6-9 mil

Material: modified TPE

Material: PBT

Aufsteckbürsten VIBE 3

Compactly packed

I come to you in a practical cardboard packaging and fit easily in your mailbox! That's good for the environment, the postman and your nerves: because that's how I avoid the annoying plastic packaging, which can't be opened at all!

Refills V3 Abo


For all those who need super powers in the morning and want to go to bed with a smiling face in the evening: I‘m there for you!

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