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SUPERCLEAN Toothpaste 2 Pack

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Mint not only gives your Mojito that certain something! My superfresh formula with natural active pearls takes care of intensive cleaning right into the interdental space. And my special xylitol and zinc formula provides a strong 5-fold protection. Vegan, gluten-free and Made in Germany.
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with natural active pearls

with Xylitol

with zinc

vegan and microplastic-free

100% recyclable laminate tube

no harmful ingredients


My natural active balls take care of an intensive cleaning right into the interdental space.

With Xylitol

I love xylitol because it protects my teeth from tooth decay. That’s why I mixed it into my formula.


Bye, bye plaque and tartar. I gently take care of your teeth with my zinc formula.

Vegan and

Everything you need, vegan and microplastic-free.

no harmful

The happybrush promise: Without sodium lauryl sulfate, palm oil or triclosan.

100% recyclable and 30% recycled
laminate tube

I am a 100% recyclable (and 30% recycled) tube without aluminium seals.


It's what your teeth have been waiting for: Make room in your bathroom cupboard because I am your new electric toothbrush! With a highly effective rotating, flexible brush, a magnetic charging station, triple twisted bristles and travel-lock. Oh Happy Day!

StarterKit SONIC

For all you early birds, world travellers and night owls: Here comes your new sonic toothbrush! With effective vibrations, powerful lithium-ion battery, four cleaning modes and Travel-Lock. Let's get down to business.

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