SUPERCLEAN Mouthwash 2 Pack

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Protect your teeth and the environment! My super fresh, antibacterial mint formula in a 100% recycled bottle pampers your teeth and cares for your gums with a strong 6-fold protection. Yay! Vegan, gluten-free and Made in Germany.
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against tooth decay


Vegan and microplastic-free

100% recycled bottle

without harmful ingredients


My superfresh, antibacterial mint formula pampers your teeth and takes care of your gums. Yay!

against tooth decay

I love xylitol because it protects my teeth from tooth decay. That’s why I mixed it into my formula.

100 % vegan

Got everything you need. Nothing unnecessary. 100 % vegan, alcohol-free and microplastic-free.


My formula gently protects your teeth from tooth decay and a lot more.

without harmful

the happybrush promise:
without sodium lauryl sulfate, palm oil or triclosan.

100% recycled

I am a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic (without cap).


It's what your teeth have been waiting for: Make room in your bathroom cupboard because I am your new electric toothbrush! With a highly effective rotating, flexible brush, a magnetic charging station, triple twisted bristles and travel-lock. Oh Happy Day!

StarterKit SONIC

For all you early birds, world travellers and night owls: Here comes your new sonic toothbrush! With effective vibrations, powerful lithium-ion battery, four cleaning modes and Travel-Lock. Let's get down to business.