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SPIN R2 StarterKit | BLACK

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What your teeth have been waiting for: Make room in your bathroom cupboard because I am your new electric toothbrush! With effective rotations, powerful lithium-ion battery, special flex head, new magnetic charging station, triple-twisted bristles and travel-lock. Oh Happy Day!
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Flex Head Technology

High-Quality Triple Bristles

High-Performance Battery

Custom Cleaning Modes

Magnetic Charging Station

Integrated Quadrant Timer

Rotierende Zahnbürste SPIN

Why are electric toothbrushes better?

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Got everything you need! And if you're not satisfied, you can just return me for free within the first 100 days!

100 Tage Probeputzen
Rotationszahnbürste 1x electric toothbrush
Zahngel 1x toothpaste
Aufsteckbürste 1x brush head
Ladestation 1x charging station + USB cable
Stecker 1x plug
SPIN rotierende Zahnbürste explode

Technical data

SPIN technische Details

Height:224,7 mm

Width:30,8 mm

Weight:114 g


Protection class:IPX7

Power Battery

Beattery life:about 3 weeks

Capacity:800 mAh (Li-Ion)

3 cleaning modes




Aufsteckbürsten SPIN

Little treasures
in a pack of three

The universal magic weapon for a radiant smile. Let your teeth enjoy my gentle and effective high-quality bristles - with triple bristles, flex head and replacement indicator bristles.


For all those who need super power in the morning and want to go to bed with a smiling face in the evening: I am there for you! And mint doesn't just spice up your mojito.

Zahncreme & Zahngel