Right after after waking up there are already important decisions to be made in the bathroom - for your body, your teeth and the environment. We help you make the right choices and, as a start-up company, we want to help protect the environment and ensure that our products have as little environmental impact as possible.

In the last year we have reached high goals - with our products being made of recycled plastic we were able to save about 26 tons of new plastic. Yet this is still not quite enough for us - we will continue to test, experiment and develop even more sustainable solutions to make your teeth and our environment happy.

Sustainability Sustainability B Corp
Our organization continuously strives to live up to our commitment to sustainability. That's why we are particularly proud of the fact that we have been able to become climate-neutral in 2019. Moreover, we are proud to have been awarded the B Corp certificate , which recognizes companies that act conscientiously, comply with the highest social and environmental standards and are committed to a sustainable and fair future.

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