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„If you are looking for a sonic toothbrush with an excellent price-performance ratio, you definitely cannot go wrong with the happybrush Vibe 3. In the test, the toothbrush left a convincing impression almost throughout. The teeth feel clean and smooth after cleaning. The operation is also easy to handle. In terms of build quality, happybrush doesn't let itself be blamed for anything. Grade: 1.5 (very good)“» Read article


„Forget Philips and Oral-B: The new Happybrush does a lot better [...] The Happybrush V3 is a solid sonic toothbrush that does not have to hide from the products of big brands in the test. The model convinces us in terms of cleaning performance, features and workmanship. Small tricks – including the USB port, the wireless charging station, cleaning modes and the enormously long operating time – round off the package at a good price.“» Read article


„;The sonic toothbrush from happybrush offers you three different settings: normal, sensitive and polishing. [...] With 40.000 Vibrations per minute, your theeth are cleaned by the happybrush.[...] The sonic toothbruch weighs just 108 grams, make it easy to take along on weekend-trips and travel. [...] Thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery, the happybrush is also an ideal companion when traveling: The battery lasts for six weeks. Water splashes can not harm it - the sonic toothbrush is waterproof. Conclusion: The happybrush-toothbrushes are of high quality - the sonic toothbrush in particular is convincing - and at a fair price.“ » Read article


„In October happybrush launched its online shop. The product range includes the sonic toothbrush and also a vegan toothpaste named SuperMint.“» Read article


„We have tested a StarterKit and are mega thrilled with the ease of use. The brushes can be reordered online and they cost a third less than the regular brushes in the drugstore. The rechargeable battery lasts several weeks without any problems, so it's easy to take the brush with you on your travels.“ » Read article


„The toothbrush is not only extremely effective and has a built-in timer that makes sure I clean thoroughly, but also looks great..“

» Read article


„Vegan toothpaste and a toothbrush that cleans with sonic vibrations: happybrush wants to become an established brand next to big competitors. Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten promotes the hipster toothbrush - with good reason.“» Read article


„A strong signal for more sustainability in oral care: The SuperClean toothbrush tabs are the sustainable alternative to toothpaste. They contain no water at all, and the compact tab format saves weight, volume, and thus CO2 during transport. What's more, the products are also climate-neutral - one of the only ones on the market to do so.“» Read article


„Because with its innovative dental care products, happybrush not only puts a smile on the faces of us humans, but also of nature. The latest product from the Munich-based oral care company is a practical and sustainable alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube...“» Read article

„Munich-based dental care company Happybrush now offers you a way to make your life a little more sustainable. The start-up, which is known from the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen", has developed a sustainable toothpaste in tablet form. The toothpaste tabs consist of only twelve natural ingredients and are thus a natural cosmetic product.“» Read article

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Gründliche Reinigung

Electric toothbrush: this is how to clean the teeth

Many dentists recommend that their patients use an electric toothbrush. This is because it cleans more effectivly than a manual toothbrush and thus ensures long-term dental health. However, the decision for a product is anything but easy given the large selection. Test reports and buying tips can help interested parties find the best electric toothbrush for their individual needs.» Read article

Zahnbürsten Test

These sonic toothbrushes are recommendable

A German start-up has also ventured into the market for electric toothbrushes, which is fiercely contested by well-known manufactures and, according to its own information, already has over one million customers. The happybrush is a good alternative to the big brands. The scope of delivery with three brushes and toothpaste and thorough cleaning are praised. In addition to the three cleaning modes, there is the HappyStart function. This is intended to accustom the user to the new cleaning feeling of a sonic toothbrush. With its chic design, the model is also a good choice for children.»Read article


Sonic toothbrush: effective oral hygiene

Electric toothbrushes provide thorough cleaning and reduce plaque better than manual toothbrushes because they move up to 75 times more. This is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Elektrische Zahnbürsten sorgen für eine gründliche Reinigung und reduzieren Plaque besser als Handzahnbürsten, da sie sich bis zu 75-mal mehr bewegen. Das bestätigen zahlreiche klinische Studien. They work with either rotary or sonic technology, with no major differences in cleaning performance. However, a sonic toothbrush cleans the teeth particularly gently. What should interested parties look out for when buying a toothbrush?» Read article

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