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„Vegan toothpaste and a toothbrush that cleans with sonic vibrations: happybrush wants to become an established brand next to big competitors. Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten promotes the hipster toothbrush - with good reason.“» Read article

„Like its predecessor, the happybrush Rotating R2 is also a good electric toothbrush. It delivers convincing results and offers some practical features like the fading incidator bristles and a quadrant timer. As far as battery life is concerned, happybrush has even added another scoop to the original version. The toothbrush cuts a fine figure in terms of workmanship and appearance. Grade: 1,6(good)“» Read article


„In October happybrush launched its online shop. The product range includes the sonic toothbrush and also a vegan toothpaste named SuperMint.“» Read article


„A perfect smile is not only a big job plus, but also important when flirting. With a happybrush you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for others. 1 Euro goes to VIVA CON AGUA for every toothbrushbrush sold.“» Read article


„We have tested a StarterKit and are very enthusiastic about the easy handling. The brush heads can be ordered online and cost a third less than the regular brush heads in the drugstore.“ » Read article


„The toothbrush is not only extremely effective and has a built-in timer that makes sure I clean thoroughly, but also looks great.“

» Read article


„The Munich start-up happybrush makes oral care as simple as it should be. The sonic toothbrush comes without rocket technology and miracle features, but instead with solid and concinving technology.“ » Read article


„DThe happybrush VIBE 2 offers a beautiful all-round toothbrush package. Especially the extensive equipment (...) is very good. An electric toothbrush with four cleaning modes, toothpaste and an enormous battery life of 20 days is otherwise not available for this price.“ » Read article


„These are the best Christmas presents for men. To put a smile on your man’s lips and to save you from big headache, we have put together a few gift ideas that will make your man happy.” » Read article

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press articles

Gründliche Reinigung

Electric toothbrush: how to clean your teeth

Many dentists recommend their patients to use an electric toothbrush. This is because it cleans more effectively than a manual toothbrushes and thus ensures lasting dental health. The decision for a product, however, is anything but easy with the large selection. Test reports and purchase tips can help interested parties finding the best electric toothbrush for their individual needs.>» Read article

Zahnbürsten Test

Electric toothbrush under test: What to pay attention to?

Not only dentists know that buying an electric toothbrush is a good investment. Such a brush cleans the teeth effectively and reduces the probability of e.g. periodontosis. But not every model does that equally well. Which electric toothbrush achieves the best results in the test is not only an important question in terms of price; after all, it is all about your own health.» Read article


Sonic toothbrush: effective dental care

Electric toothbrushes clean thoroughly and reduce plaque better than manual toothbrushes because they move up to 75 times more. Numerous clinical studies confirm this. They work with either rotation or sonic technology, although there are no major differences in cleaning performance. However, a sonic toothbrush cleans teeth very gently. What should interested parties pay attention to when buying a toothbrush? » Read article

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