Brushing teeth - from when?

As always, a small controversial topic in the evening. The child still has to brush its teeth - but it doesn't want to and is on strike. After a long discussion and explanations of why brushing teeth is important, the little one brushes his teeth well-behaved. What probably every parent has already asked himself: How important is brushing teeth for small children? And when should one start brushing their teeth?

At what age should children start brushing their teeth?

Even while nursing, the baby's first milk teeth are not spared from sugar. This sugar is contained in breast milk. As soon as the first milk tooth appears, brushing should be started. This occurs regularly at the age of six months. From this time on, parents should brush their children's teeth twice a day.

What should children brush their teeth with?

You should use a special baby toothbrush and baby toothpaste. Sometimes nubbed finger toothbrushes are used. These help to dose the pressure on the baby's teeth better. Many also like the massage that you can give the little ones in the mouth with this nubbed brush. Such a jaw ridge massage can be given to the little ones before their first teeth come. This way they can get used to the upcoming brushing of their teeth in a playful way.

How long do childern need the support of their parents?

Before the child can brush its teeth on its own, its fine motor skills must first have developed sufficiently. Strictly speaking, parents should therefore brush their children up to the age of 10 or at least monitor them well. However, it is also important that parents do not spend too much time doing the "whole cleaning job". If you start practicing at an early age, you will learn the correct cleaning technique best.

A small trick at the end

If your child doesn't feel like brushing his teeth at all, why not make a deal with him? The little one can help you brush your teeth and in return you can brush his or her teeth. That will definitely work!

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