Tickling with sonic toothbrush

You are using a sonic toothbrush for the first time and can hardly keep the activated toothbrush in your mouth because it tickles and tingles so much? Then you don't need to worry, you're certainly not alone! Many first-time users of a sonic toothbrush experience the same, especially if it is not only your first sonic toothbrush, but also your very first electric toothbrush! The difference to a manual toothbrush is even greater.

Why do sonic toothbrushes tickle?

The tickling of the sonic toothbrush can be easily explained. In the oral mucosa (tunica mucosa oris), there are numerous sensory receptors that are stimulated by the unusual vibration of the sonic toothbrush. They ensure that you feel the movement of the brush particularly intensely at the beginning and that you find it tickling.

How can I get used to the tickle of the sonic toothbrush?

Just a little patience is needed to get used to the tickle of the sonic toothbrush! Most people have already completely got used to the initially unaccustomed feeling after 2-3 days. After one week at the latest, even the most sensitive people will no longer notice it. In any case, it is worthwhile not to give up right after the first cleaning attempt, because you will see that you will also get used to the sound technology very quickly! Then you can easily and effectively remove plaque and discolouration from your teeth with the happybrush sonic toothbrush. You only need to brush 2x2 minutes a day.

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