How "Netflixing" harms your teeth

Have you already seen the new season of Haus des Geldes or would you rather watch another episode of How I Met Your Mother? Especially on rainy days we like to spend the whole day on the couch with Netflix and co. And of course we can't afford to miss the odd snack. But have you ever thought about the health consequences of your series marathon? Sitting or lying down for a long time and the lack of physical activity can have a negative effect on your health and lead to lack of sleep and insomnia. But even the casual consumption of treats can have fatal consequences. We have taken a closer look at some snacks and drinks and examined their effects on your teeth.



Probably the most popular snack both in the cinema and on the couch is certainly popcorn. The smell of fresh popcorn alone makes movie lovers' hearts beat faster. If only it weren't for the annoying seeds and their shells! These like to hide between the teeth or under the gums. But with their sharp edges, they can damage your gums. If they remain unnoticed in the spaces between your teeth for a longer period of time, bacteria will form which can lead to gum inflammation. That's why you should always clean the spaces between your teeth after eating popcorn. It is best to use dental floss or interdental brushes to achieve a greenish cleaning and avoid any surprises at your next visit to the dentist.


Red wine

A glass of red wine and a romantic movie on the couch sounds like a pleasant evening. However, wine contains tannins which provide the taste but can also lead to discolouration of your teeth. In addition, most wines contain acids that can attack the enamel. Therefore, make sure you drink wine in moderation and rinse with a glass of water to keep the pH in your mouth balanced. Also, brush your teeth 30 minutes after your last glass of wine so that your teeth can remineralise after the acidity.

Soft drinks

Most soft drinks, such as lemonade, contain a lot of sugar, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and can attack the gums. Therefore always drink water with sugary drinks so that the sugar is rinsed off your teeth. Also try to drink drinks with a lower sugar content, such as water with slices of cucumber or fruit.

Convenience food

For convenience and in order to miss as little of their favourite show as possible, most people like to use ready-made meals. These often consist of processed foods and contain refined sugar. For taste and preservation, very highly processed citric acid is added to ready meals. In addition to sugar, which can lead to tooth decay, acids also attack your tooth enamel. So try to take your time to eat and cook freshly yourself.

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