Oral hygiene in times of Covid-19

In times like these it is especially important to be there for each other. Because your health is our top priority, we put together a few tips for you on how to protect yourself against bacteria with the best oral care.

Oral hygiene in times of Covid-19

1. Brushing your teeth

The most important thing in oral hygiene is, of course, that you brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly. Choosing the right toothbrush also plays a role. It is recommended that you use an electric toothbrush, as it brushes your teeth much more effectively than a manual toothbrush. OurVIBE 3 for example, cleans with up to 40,000 effective vibrations. In this way you prevent unnecessary visits to the dentist and support your general health.

2. Never share your attachable brush

Many bacteria and germs collect on your brush. In order to avoid exchanging these and thus a possible infection with others, you should never share the brushes. Not even if you are very close to each other!

3. Change your brush regularly

You should replace your attachable brush regularly. At the latest every 3 months or as soon as the bristles are worn off. This will not only prevent bacteria from spreading, but also ensure that your teeth are cleaned effectively. Shhh. The smiling-indicator from our Attachable brushes shows you, whenever it's that time.

4. Clean your interdental spaces

Plaque is a breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important to prevent it from developing through optimal oral hygiene. However, since there are many tricky places where your toothbrush can hardly reach, you should regularly floss or use interdental brushes. Our SuperClean Floss cleans your teeth very gently with its flexible and tear-resistant fibers.The antibacterial bristles of our SuperClean interdental brushes fit into every tooth gap with their flexible head.So you can reach even the most difficult areas and give plaque no chance!

5. Use mouthwashes

Mouthwashes make your oral care complete, because they suppress germs in your oral cavity. Der 6-fach Schutz unserer Mundspülungen The 6-fold protection of our mouthrinses also cares for your teeth and gums. In addition, you can find something for every taste, since we have three great varieties for you.

6. Wear a face mask

To protect others from possible infections, you should definitely wear a face mask. In many federal states this is mandatory since the end of April. Please find out which laws apply in your region.

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