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Clean water is essential for drinking, cooking, washing and tooth brushing. About 65 percent of our world is covered with water, but only 0.3 percent has drinking water quality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), clean drinking water is not available for 2.5 billion people. Particularly people in poor regions of the world are affected.

We want to change that!

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We want to give as many people as possible access to clean drinking water. You can help us by purchasing a happybrush product. This will not only make your teeth happy but also help a person in need at the same time. Together with Welthungerhilfe we provide people in need with 2 days of water per toothpaste or mouthwash sold and 1 week of water per pack of brush heads sold.*

*Corresponding to 0.029 EUR per mouthwash/toothpaste and 0.084 EUR per pack of brush heads.

2 Tage Wasser - Mundspülung
2 Tage Wasser - Zahnpasta
2 Tage Wasser - Refills


Plan International is an independent organisation for development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Girls and boys should have the same rights and opportunities worldwide and actively shape their future. To achieve this, the children's aid organisation implements projects for sustainable community development in its partner countries efficiently and transparently.

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Would you like to learn more about our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility? In our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Guide we have summarized for you what progress we have already made and what our plans for the near future are.