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For all you early birds, world travellers and night owls: I am your new sonic toothbrush VIBE 3! With up to 40.000 effective vibrations, high-performance lithium ion battery for up to 6 weeks of adventures, three cleaning modes and travel-lock. Let’s get down to business.

What makes me special?
I have already been owned by a customer once, but was sent back after a short time. For hygienic reasons, my brushes come in a sealed polybag. Of course I am carefully checked before shipping. You can find more information here: FAQ B-WARE
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effective vibrations

high-quality triple bristles

high-performance battery

custom cleaning modes

Practical "lock" function

Integrated Quadrant Timer

Schall-Zahnbürste VIBE 3

Why are electric toothbrushes better?

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VIBE 3 Schall-Zahnbürste Produktfamilie

Technical Data

VIBE 3 technische Details


Height:227,5 mm

Width:30,8 mm

Weight:108 g

3 Cleaning Modes

  Vibrations/Min. Power
Normal: 25.000 100%
Sensitive: 30.000 80%
Polish: 30.000-40.000 80-100%


Protection class:IPX7

Power Battery

Battery life:about 6 weeks

capacity:1200 mAh Li-Ion

Aufsteckbürsten VIBE 3

Little treasures
in a pack of three

The universal magic weapon for a radiant smile. Let your teeth enjoy my gentle and effective high-quality bristles - with triple bristles, a flex head and replacement indicator bristles.


For all those who need super power in the morning and want to go to bed with a smiling face in the evening: I am there for you!

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