SCHALL V1 brush heads black (previous model)

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The universal magical weapon for a radiant smile. Let your teeth enjoy my gentle and effective high-quality bristles - with triple bristles, flex head and replacement indicator bristles. IMPORTANT: Only compatible with the happybrush sonic model V1 (model HS01/HS02), not with the new sonic model V2 (model HS03/HBV2) or V3 (model HBV3).
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indicator bristles

rounded bristles

Travel Icons
for differentiation

indicator bristles

My fading smile indicates when it's time to change the brush head.

Schallzahnbuerste Aufsteckbuersten Verpackung

compactly packed – without plastic

I come to you in a practical cardboard packaging and fit easily in your mailbox! That's good for the environment, the postman and your nerves: because that's how I avoid the annoying plastic packaging, which can't be opened at all!


For all those who need super powers in the morning and want to go to bed with a smiling face in the evening: I‘m there for you! And mint doesn't just spice up your mojito.